Stylish titanium bicycles.

Our Bikes

We love drop bars, our specialities are road and gravel bicycles. After testing and building some prototypes, we were able to launch our first models for road and gravel.  We invite you to take a look!

The Road

High performance, fast and stiff, with straight lines and a neat appearance. The uniquely-shaped tubing provides less wind resistance, improving the bike´s aerodynamics. Our extensive research of rider biomechanics helps us to develop machines that are both dynamic and comfortable

The Gravel

Gravel is a challenging surface for riders. The comfort of the cyclist is essential, but we still maintain a stiff and responsive bike that is reminiscent of the attributes of cyclocross machines. With the right machine and the right tyres, handling the rough terrain and flying over the asphalt is as easy as riding a bike!

Who is behind Tizona

Behind the scenes are Laura and Jaime, a Spanish-Australian couple who have fallen in love with the lifestyle that Australia´s beautiful west coast has to offer. Both were involved in sports and cycling from an early age and now channel their passion into developing the premium cycling products. Jaime’s background in architecture, engineering and design. He has also worked professionally in the bicycle industry for years and has observed the growing interest in outdoor activities in recent times, utilising his decades of experience to spearhead his business assembling and fixing bikes from home. Multiple degrees in the sports science field provide Laura with the biometric and biomechanical background to improve the riding experience. Laura learnt to ride at the age of 3 and her passion for cycling and sports at large began then.


Tizona bikes would not be possible without the support of colleagues in the bicycle industry and friends. The assistance in design, logistics and financial backing cannot be understated or forgotten.

We are a fledgeling and highly motivated company. Currently we provide frames and frame sets as well as some specific components and wheels. We assemble bicycles customised for our clients, by our clients, tailoring the builds to them and their needs. Most of our current users are domestic from WA and wider Australia, and are also exploring international shipping.

Feel free to contact us for more information or enquiry.

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