Our Bikes

We love drop bars, our specialities are road and gravel bicycles. After testing and building many prototypes, we were able to launch our latest models for road and gravel bikes. Titanium properties, such as efficiency, durability, light weight and comfort make them the best option for both cycling disciplines and Tizona design provides a great riding experience with a modern and unique touch.

The Road

High performance, fast and stiff, with straight lines and a neat appearance. The uniquely-shaped tubing provides less wind resistance, improving the bike´s aerodynamics. Our extensive research of rider biomechanics helps us to develop machines that are both dynamic and comfortable

The Gravel

Gravel is a challenging surface for riders. The comfort of the cyclist is essential, but we still maintain a stiff and responsive bike that is reminiscent of the attributes of cyclocross machines. With the right frame and the right tyres, handling the rough terrain and flying over the asphalt is as easy as riding a bike!


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